About Us

We are new, fast-growing designer furniture retailer and wholesaler in Europe. We offer high quality furniture, lightning and style accessories from Europe, also from collections with outlet prices. Our assortment includes Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc. exclusive manufacturers. We offer brands such as «Wolf-Möbel», «Fredriks», «Eglo», «Ars Natura», «Mooved», «Studio Copenhagen», «Schildmeyer», «Steinhauer», «Nuovoform», «Näve», «Pelipal», «Trendteam», «Loftscape», «Ars Manufacti», «Safavier», «Nordlux», «Maison Belfort», «Room Scape», «Morteens», «Loistaa» and many more.
he wholesale we have been working since 2011. The first store we opened in Tukums in April, 2018.
The most important thing for us is customer’s evaluation and satisfaction of a purchased product, therefore we also provide delivery throughout the territory of Latvia.
Along with the sale of furniture and lightning, we also offer professional cleaning of soft surfaces and furniture.